“For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to secure them that are tempted.”

( Hebrews 2:18 )

When we have been through a specific situations ourselves, it is much easier to empathize with others. Have you ever tried to comfort someone who faces a difficulty that you have never faced? Or perhaps someone who has never experienced a situation like yours has tried to console you. Although that person may have thought he understood, you knew full well that he did not. It is very likely you will feel unhappy.

If we understand better by experience, consider what our focus verse is saying. Jesus, who is God Himself and with God the Father became a human being like us. He experienced life on earth in all its dimensions so we should know that He understands what we go through.

Jesus as our saviour went through a lot than any thing, any of us can ever faced. He was tempted by the devil after forty days without food, He have been betrayed, spat upon, despised and beaten. Finally He was killed for what Has has not done. Jesus experienced the extremes of temptations.

Are you facing something difficult today? Perhaps emotional pain is tearing you heart or you have a situation that looks like a mountain that can never be overcome? Take courage, Jesus understands- He really does and He cares. He is looking at you with love in His eyes and He wants to help you. Reach out to Him in prayers at this moment and He will answer with grace and strength for your time of need


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