Wonders galore: A 20-year-old SHS student stabs a young boy to death over “polythene bag” at Tepa.

Wonders shall never end. Every now and then, we wake up to hear heartbreaking stories of death and killings from different parts of the country. This is very strange and something must be done about it to save the future generation from this murky dilema.

On Wednesday, 7th April, 2021, a 20-year-old Tepa senior high school student intentionally stabbed a young boy to death at Asaman in the Tepa constituency over a minor misunderstanding. The case happened infront of a provision store.

The killer, Ebenezer Poku and the deceased Seidu went to a provision store to make some purchases. Seidu was first to be attended to. After the purchase, the buyer asked the store keeper to give him a polythene bag to carry the items. The store keeper objected and Ebenezer who stood infront of the shop waiting for his turn became annoyed and took the argument over from the shop owner. The Tepa student became vex and pushed Seidu to leave the store with the items in his bare hands. This sharp altercation led to exchange of words among the two buyers. Seidu decided to end everything and move to his house.

On the road to Seidu’s house, Opoku chased him with a sharp dagger and stabbed him several times in the stomach and chest. The man bled profusely and died on the way to the Tepa General hospital. The people could not separate the two because of the sharp knife in the student possession.

According to the popular view of the Tepa community, Ebenezer Opoku is a notorious student who is fond of possessing deadly weapons from time to time. The people extremely fear him until he caused this mess yesterday.

The body of the deceased has been deposited at the Tepa mortuary pending further investigations.Meanwhile Ebenezer Opoku has been arrested by the Tepa police division to assist in carrying out investigations into the killing.

The information available proves that Seidu is a hardworking person who had come from the North to do some menial jobs in the town to raise some funds to support his education until he met his untimely death.

The police will continue to carry out their investigation into the alleged killing to the latter. The landlord of the deceased house has lamented greatly over the matter. He expect the police to punish the accused according to the law.

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