Woman’s children have turned “abnormal” after eating their dead father’s head unknowingly (video)

A worried mother has narrated how her children unknowingly ate the head of their dead father while they were young and have since become abnormal.According to her, her husband was killed by rebels when their community had become insecure.

She explained that her husband did not want to leave the place and kept giving her and the children hope that all would be well.However, out of fear, she left with the children to live in the next house which was a distance away.

She disclosed that rebels came, broke into their house and killed her husband and put the pieces of his head in a pot full of beans.When the children came in the morning to check on their father, they found everything messed up and the door and windows had been broken.

Sadly, the children who were naïve of the situation at that time ate the beans that had their father’s head buried in it.According to her, from that day, her children started having trauma. Her daughter stopped talking, she trembles and cannot make any move by herself unless she is helped. For her son, he is always running to nowhere.

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