Verbal teachings and practices of Prayer continues

· And its total in supererogatory prayer, which is 25 rak’as according to what we have shown about the supererogatory prayers performed per day and night, reaches 175 applied practices in the supererogatory rak’as. These may increase through night prayersand Ad-dhuha (noon prayer), and thus, you apply these Sunnahs more and more. · As for the verbal Sunnahs, which do not repeat in prayer except once, these are:#. Opening supplications.#. Supplication after the last tashahud.Their total in obligatory prayers is 10 Sunnahs.* As for their total in supererogatory prayers established per day and night and in which these two Sunnahs repeat, it reaches 24 Sunnahs and may increase through Qiyam (night prayers), Ad-dhuha (noon prayer) or Tahhiyat Al-Masjed (mosque salutation), thus, one applies these Sunnahs more and more, though they do not repeat in a prayer except once, he acquires more reward and becomes more adherent to the Sunnah. Essential Prayers Sunnah1.Raising both hands with the first takbeera.2.Raising both hands before bowing for ruku.3.Raising both hands after standing from ruku,and after standing for the third rak-a in the prayers that have four rak-as.4. Sticking fingers together flat in all the mentioned practices.5. Fingers should be facing the Qiblah (prayer direction; that is facing the Ka’ba).6.Raising the hands to the shoulder height or by the ears.7.While reciting place the right hand over the left or holding the left arm with the right hand.8.Looking towards the sujoud (prostration) place.9.Make a space between the foot nearly as shoulder width.10. Focusing on the meaning of the words while recitating.The Sunnah of Ruko’(Bowing)1.Grasping his knees by his hands and separating between the fingers.2.Stretching the back on flat and streight manner.3.Making the head in the same level of the back that is . avoiding lowering or raising it.4. Separating his upper arms from his waist.The Sunnahs of Drinking1.Bismillah : that is Mentioning Allah’s name. Saying:“ in the name of Allah”.2. Handling the drink with the right hand not the left; as the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said to a kid: say “the bismillah and eat with your right hand”3. Breathing (exhale and inhale) outside of the drinking pot thrice; which means to take a sip then breath outside the pot then repeat this process for three times as the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him used to do, narrated by Imam Muslim4. Drink whiles in a sitting position: the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: “none of you should drink while standing”. Narrated by Imam Muslim5. Bidding thanks to Allah after drinking: the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: “ Allah get content with his worshippers if they thank him after eating or after drinking narrated by Imam Muslim.The sum of the sunnahs of drinking would exceed twenty, and we should notice drinks include all sorts of soft or hot drinks.

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