Sunnah in going out and coming back home

An Nawawi said: it is preferred to say ; in the name of Allah and repeat remembrance of Allah frequently.I).Mentioning with regards to Allah: the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: when a person mention Allah while entering his house and when he eat, the devil say to his mates there is no food or shelter for this night for you Narrated by Imam Muslim.II).Entrance Du’aa: the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: say O Allah I ask you the best out of entrance and the best out of exit, I enter in the name of Allah and exit in the name of Allah, I put my trust in Allah.then salute his family. narrated by Abu Dawood. This is the way a man depends on Allah while entering or exiting, which keeps him always connected to Allah and keep him away from evil. III).Using Sewak(tooth stick or chewing stick): Imam Muslim narrated that the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him used Sewak while taking his first steps into home. IV).Salutation: Allah subhanahu wataalah says: when you enter houses, salute one another (Literally: salute yourselves) with a greeting from the Providence of Allah, blessed and good. (An Noor :61) Supposing that a Muslim who goes for prayers in the Mosque practice these teachings; that would make 20 teachings and practices a day.Going out, a Muslim should say this du’aa : in the name of Allah subhanahu wataalah, I put my trust in Allah subhanahu wataalah, Whatever Allah subhanahu wataalah wishes will be; there is no strength and power except from Allah subhanahu wataalah so he gets protected, secured, guarded and the devil steps away from him; narrated by At Termithi and Abu Dawood. A Muslim goes out and returns home many times a day; for prayers, work or for whatever and every time he applies these sunnas, he gets great reward from Allah subhanahu wataalah as he submits to His Prophet’s peace and blessings of Allah be upon him teachings as well as protection from evil Spirit’s.The outcome of the application of these teachings:* A Muslim gets protected from whatever evil he gets in touch with.* A Muslim gets secured from whatever evil that might hurt him.* A Muslim gets guided and guarded in everything either divine or secular* A Muslim gets rewards in performing this SunnahsTry reciting please kindly recite O Allah everything is under your watch and control you know the end from the beginning Yah Allah subhanahu wataalah make this coming Ramadan a month of achievement for every Ummah of Rasullul-Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him in iman living as the witness from start to the end and count us among the beneficiary of Ramadan forgive us all our sins and bestow on us your mercy and make jannatul firdau our final destination. In the name of Allah subhanahu wataalah we pray amen.

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