Performing Supererogatory Prayers at Home

Performing Supererogatory Prayers at Home1. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “the best of one’s prayers is that which he performs at home, except obligatory prayers. Agreed upon.2. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:“man’s voluntary prayer, where people do not see him, is twenty five times as equal as that which he performs publicly. Narrated by Abu-Ya’la, Al-Albani said it is authentic.3. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “man’s prayer at home surpasses his prayer, where people can see him, as much as the obligatory prayer surpasses the supererogatory one. Narrated by At-Tabarani, Al-Albani said it is good. Based upon this, one should repeat this Sunnah (the Prophet’s tradition), in the arranged Prophetic actions, Ad-Duha (forenoon) prayer and Al-Watr several times per day and night, and in each one of them, he should be keen on establishing or performing it at home to increase his reward and attain the Sunnah.The benefits of applying these Supererogatory Prayers at Hhome:a. It is a means to fulfill submissiveness, fidelity and keeping away from hypocrisy.b. It causes mercy to come down on the house and causes the 😈 to get out of it.c. It is a reason for doubling its reward just as the obligatory prayer’s reward is doubled (when established) in the mosque (masjid). * The arranged Sunnahs = the supererogatory prayers performed with the daily five obligatory prayers and according to their order.* Al-Wetr that is a supererogatory prayer performed at the end of the Muslim’s daily prayers, whose number of rak’as (units) should be an odd number.The Prophetic actions of Leaving a MeetingUttering the expiation of quitting a meeting “I honor Allah subhanahu wataalah from all what is ascribed to Him, O Allah subhanahu wataalah, all praises are for You, I testify that there is no worthy of worship but Allah subhanahu wataalah, I repent and ask Allah subhanahu wataalah for His forgiveness”. narrated by Sunnah scholarsEvery day includes many meetings such as:1.While eating daily meals you mostly speak with whom you are eating with.2. When you meet one of your friends or neighbors even if you both were standing.3. When sitting with your classmates or work colleagues.4- When sitting with your spouse and children chatting together.5. While driving home with your spouse or friends or children.6.While attending a lecture, a seminar or a forum.Look what you do by applying these sunnahs you keep:· Praising Allah subhanahu wataalah several times, which keeps you always in contact with Allah subhanahu wataalah.· Repenting and asking for Allahs subhanahu wataalah forgiveness for whatever happens during those meetings.· Testifying that there is no object of worship but Allah subhanahu wataalah.The advantages of applying these sunnahs on a daily basis is forgiveness of whatever happens during those meetings with others.Dear Muslim brothers and sisters try your possible best to practice the above Prophetic actions in other to protect yourself from any evil that comes your way as well as getting rewarded.

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