Kasoa Murder: Heartbreaking as the family of Ishmael go to the mortuary to bring the dead body home for burial in line with Islamic customs.

Speaking to Adom TV media personality, Afia Amankwaa Tamakloe in today’s edition of Badwam TV show, the family of the late Ishmael disclosed their readiness and preparation to visit the mortuary to retrieve the dead body for burial in line with Islamic traditions and holy practice. The spokesperson made it clear that, the body will be brought home for special prayers and thereafter proceed to the cemetary for final interment. The family further demanded swift justice from the police to punish the two pepetrators who committed this murder.

It will be recalled that, Ishmael was murdered by two young boys ages between 18 and 20 years whose diabolic intention was to make money ritual with the body to become millionaire. They killed him and attempted to bury his body but were exposed by some guys within the vicinity.

After arrest, these juvenile murderers confessed their plan to send the body to a particular Mallam( name withheld) for security reasons to make ritual money for them. According to them, the mallam demand 5000 ghana cedis from them in addition to the human body.

The police prosecuted them before Accra circuit court on Tuesday but the case was adjourned for further investigations into the matter. This is a pathetic story.

The mother of Ishmael, Maame Hajia earlier expressed her deepest worry over the incident. According to her, the son has wronged no one and lived in peace with all the people in the Kasoa vicinity.

The two juvenile murderers are still in prison custody until further investigations are thoroughly done to arrest all the accomplices including the suspected Mallam whose name has been mentioned. Thanks to the police for doing expeditious work in bringing them to court.

The question many people are asking is what will a young boy of 18 &19 years do with this huge money if they had succeeded in their evil acts?. The general public is also appealing to the National Communication Authority to prevent these mallams from showing money ritual advertisement on live television.

The youth of today must adopt the age long traditions of our ancestors who cherished hardwork and dedication to duty. Money ritual is becoming a common practice in the country and steps must be taken urgently to nib it in the bud. The government must introduce policies that will enrich the youth in future.

The parents are encouraged to give the matter to the law enforcement agencies and must never seek personal revenge on anyone.

May Ishmael soul rest in perfect peace.

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