Check Out Cute Photos Of Michael Jackson’s Children And Why They Are Whites

In the event that I need to compose a life story of late amazing pop star Michael Jackson, you more likely than not been living under a stone to not know him. Michael Jackson was the primary man to have his music video appeared on MTV during the 80s. It was so well known sought after, his music video was played for just about an entire day.

Because of his popularity and fame, his life was constantly under the spotlight. Most of us grew up thinking he was a white man when in fact he was black. He had a skin condition known as vitiligo which changes the original color of your skin leaving parts of your body in patches of discoloration.

So happened exactly was that, parts of his body was becoming white and instead of looking discolored, he decided to complete the process fast making him look like a white man. He couldnt stand the new look his skin was turning out to be so he go for surgery.

His kids on the other hand are white kids making people to speculate and wonder how possible it was. There were rumours that they were adopted or belonged to another man.

Michael Jackson was actually married to a white woman who bore him his first two kids and because of her strong genes, their kids look white which is common among some biracial kids, they most times take the gene of one parent making them look either more black or more white.

His third child on the other hand was born by a surrogate who was anonymous then but it is apparent she was also a white woman.

So there you have it, his kids are actually biracial but carry the strong genes of their mother who is white.

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