Bedtime Sunnahs (the Prophet’s traditions) or Prophetic actions

O Allah, in Your name I die and live narrated by Al-Bukhari.2. One should put his hands together, then, spit a spray into them and recite: Say, “He is Allah, The Only One”, Say, “I take refuge with The Lord of the Daybreak” and Say, “I take refuge with The Lord of mankind”,then using them, wipe as much as he can of his body, starting with his head to his toes. He should do this three times. Narrated by Al-Bukhari.3. Reciting the verse of the Chair (ayat-al-Kursii): (Allah. There is no worthy of worship except He, The Ever Living, The Superb Upright Sustainer), narrated by Al-Bukhari. * The fruit of reciting this ayah (a verse of the Qur’an): who ever recites it, a preserver from Allah remains over him, so that no devil can approach him. As was proved to be authentic in the previous hadith (the Prophet’s saying).4. my God, in Your name, I put my side, and by You, I raise it. If You hold my self, then have mercy on it and if You send it, then preserve it with what You preserve Your righteous slaves with. Narrated by AlBukhari and Muslim.5. O Allah subhanahu wataalah, surely You have created my self and You take it up. To You its life and its death. If You give it life, then preserve it and if You give it death, then forgive it. O Allah, indeed, I ask You for wellness. Narrated by Muslim.6.O Allah, protect me against Your torment on the day resurrect Your slaves. Three times. Narrated by Abu-Dawoud and At-Termithi. One should say this when he puts his right hand under his cheek.7. Subhan Allah (Glorified be Allah) thirty three times(33), AlHamdulillah (all praise is to Allah) thirty three times, and Allahu Akbar (Allah is The Greater) thirty four times. Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim.8.All praise is to Allah, Who has fed us, given us water, sufficed us and given us refuge, as how many those, who do not have anyone to suffice or survive them and give them refuge, are. Narrated by Muslim.9. O Allah, Knower of the Unseen and the Witnessed, Originator of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of everything and its Sovereign, I bear witness that there is no god but You. I take refuge with You from the evil of myself, from the evil of Satan and his trap and from causing myself any harm, or driving it to any Muslim.“ Narrated by Abu-Dawoud and At-Termithi”.10. O Allah, I have submitted myself to You, confided my command to You, directed my face to You and resorted to You out of my desire and my wants and awe of You. There is no refuge or escape from You, except to You. I have believed in Your book, which You have sent (down) and Your Prophet, who You have sent. Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim.11.O Allah, Lord of the seven heavens and Lord of the Magnificent Throne, our Lord and the Lord of everything, Splitter of grains and nuclei, Sender of the Bible, the Gospel and Al-Furqan (The Criterion), I take refuge with You from everything You take by the forelock. O Allah, You are The First, as there is nothing before You, You are The Last, as there is nothing after You, The Manifest, as there is nothing over You and The Immanent, as there is nothing below You, pay the debt for us and enrich us after poverty). Narrated by Muslim.

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