Top Five Series You are Missing Out on Right Now.

As human beings, we do work a lot. After a day of very hard work , there aren’t many things better than watching half a season of a series or even a full season series. There are many great series right now and we look at ten of them you should check out if you are not watching.


Arguably the most in form series in the world right now, Attack on Titan was one of the most watched shows during the lockdown. The war between humanity and titans just cannot any better and fiction is not supposed to peak this much. Yes , it is an anime and do not be so quick to judge, it comfortably washes out about 90% of series made by Hollywood. Try watching about four episodes, if you ever get disappointed, feel free to call and trashtalk me and believe me if I say you would thank me if you watch this anime.


Do you love chess as much as I do? Then this is just the perfect series for you. Sadly it has just one season but adding another season will actually destroy the entire series because it was just the perfect ending to a very captivating series Drama packed, the series chronicles the life of Beth Harmon, who from being an orphan to losing his adopted parent set off her journeys around the world defeating the greatest men in the chess game to become the greatest player in the world.


A Spanish series, La Casa De Papel is the story of a group of robbers led by the Professor to carry out one of the most special bank robberies in history to gather an enormous amount of money. A very great series to watch, Berlin and Nairobi are two characters who caught the hearts of many in this very series. With season 5 soon to be released, we all cannot wait to see what will happen to probably the most annoying character in recent memory, Arturito.


Had to combine these two as they are usually the highest rated series on almost every sites. With many 9.9 and even a 10/10 in a Breaking Bad episode, these are series you can start with if you want to build interest in series. Two series you which likes to leave watchers in suspense, Breaking Bad focuses on Chemistry as a brilliant teacher treated with cancer plans to make money through drugs cooking and selling by his partner. Game of thrones is a battle of kingdoms for a Iron throne and the different storylines and how they all come together puts it number one on my personal list and would have given it a 10/10 if only it had the perfect ending. However , it changes nothing: GOT is GOAT’d.

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