Love Making Secrets

Love is the most intense emotions that everyone desires to experience. But most of us do not understand the real meaning of love. Frankly, love has no single meaning. However, its meaning is always derived from individual understandings. So I can define love as the great affection and caring emotions you have for someone over a period of time or forever.

Whenever we hear the word “love”, our minds only go to the love shared between a man and a woman and that’s exactly what we’ll be learning in this article, THE TOP 5 SECRETS OF LOVE MAKING YOU DO NOT KNOW ABOUT.

No. one secret of love making

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  1. Honesty

Honesty is the main secret of making your loved one trust you which most of us do not know or regard. We feel our loved ones will leave us or end the relationship with us when we’re honest to them. No, you ought to be always honest to him/her no matter the situation or the circumstance. You just always need to keep your honesty virtues and at times being honest may trigger your loved one to hate you or not trying to wrap up with you. But do not quit being honesty. Just always be who you’re, never try to change your identity or anything of that sort that may fade your true identity. Remember, your identity is your identity, you can’t change it. Changing it in a relationship may be at your own risk. Just be you and when your loved one later finds out the genuineness of your honesty, he/she may trust you to the extent no one can pollute his/her mind about you and this will create an atmosphere of trust which will bind the union forever.

No. two secret of love making

2. Time

This is one of the lovemaking secrets. Time is very important in a relationship. If you happened to fall in love with someone but don’t have the time to both take a stroke together, have a chat or share something a moment together but always seem to be busy, then, my friend, forget about the relationship. Someone with a caring heart and lots of time or some time to spare with him/her can snatch your loved one from you. HAVE time for him/her always and on days you may not be available to share moments, make him/her aware. Doing this will get each of you convinced of being with the right person and one in a million.

No. three secret of love making

3. Seduction

Most of us have the emotion of following in love with someone but we do not know how to seduce our partners. Seducing your partner is one key to keeping your minds joined together especially the men. Most men think around themselves, meaning, they always think about their loved ones living in the same vicinity as women. This could be an advantage to you as a lady/woman reading this, make sure you do your best to keep him before he’s snatched because if you found it to be worthy, you must confine it. Yes… Seducing could take many forms, it could be indoor or outdoor depending upon your interest but you have to do it best and always communicate with your partner how good you’re in seducing and this could help both of you to do your best.

No. four secret of love making

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4. Money

Many especially women find love or following into love with men the source of income. No. Love has nothing to do with money but that’s how far we’ve come as women. We fall for men not because of true love but money and at times make the statement as, “let’s make money baby, we can fall in love later”, “I can’t fall in love with someone who has no money”, “I could have accepted your proposal but you’re poor”, etc… Oh my God! There’s nowhere love is defined in terms of money and if anyone defines love using money, then, I’m sorry, he/she does not understand what we call love. You may see someone very broke today and because you’re interested in money rather than love, you may refuse his proposal, but mind you that time changes. Fall for him if you have love in your heart without considering money.

5. Educate yourselves from experts

We were created with different abilities, intelligence and uniqueness. Some people have studied about love, sex and relationships and they become experts. Let’s at times reach out to them with our marriage or love issues and they can give us the best advice of their knowledge which may help us to live happily in our lovemaking process together. This is one difficult secret of lovemaking most of us find to reach out for but it’s one of the best ways to keep your relationship strong and on the path. Just find one and seek advice whenever there’s a problem. Thinking of separation isn’t the right decision unless you don’t think of falling in love again but if you do, then there’s a problem and challenge everywhere.

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