Three ways to get Most paid apps for free. Number two will shock you.

Sometimes in order to get the most out of your phone, you must use some life saving apps, some apps are just too essential to be free so, you ned to pay for them, but, there is this question that you will also need to answer before you buy any app or make any purchase in an apps.

What are the accepted methods of payments?

Am I really sure I need this application.

Is it legit or its a scam?

Does this app really does what is have been advertised to do?

So I decided to put all this thinking to an end by doing my own research and her is what I found out ; the app development is a very cumbersome process, so if the app becomes ready, the developer has to charge the consumers something small in order to make a little income. And in order to ensure that, certain measures of security are added to the app, creation of account and authentication processes this makes it hard to hack the apps.

And also algorithms are also used to track users who try to hack these apps.

And even scanners that can know where a lnk leads to a can block it.

So if you want to get paid apps for free, you will need to get some skill set.

So here are some of the skills you will need: how to u shorten shortened links.

Some knowledge about how link shorteners work.

You also need some drive accounts like

Mega drive and Google drive account will be needed.

Now here are some of the ways in which you can get paid apps for free.

Look for the right websites.

Letting Google be your best friend will help you a lot sometimes there are sites dedicated to cracking apps and helping you get access to these sites will help you a lot.

Use your telegram very well

Yes! I know you can’t believe it but, Telegram application has a lot of chanells that you can join to get access to below are just incase you will want to know

The third option is to begin utilizing what you just learned.

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