Reasons Why Your Back Side Is Not Growing

1. You Are Not Giving Yourself Time

Muscle doesn’ t grow overnight (unfortunately).

It takes months to make a change on your body, especially if you want to grow a muscle.

So, make sure to focus on your training and don’ t obsess too much with the time range, because the time will pass faster than you think.

Just give yourself time to let the change happen.

Giving up won’ t speed up the process for sure, so make sure to be patient and consistent.

In the end, Rome wasn’ t built in one day, so don’ t even try to lose belly fat fast because there are no shortcuts.

If you’ re doing everything right, you’ ll eventually get there, the only key here is consistency.

It may take months or even years to get results, but if you stick to being smart in the kitchen and effective in the gym, you’ ll see results, I promise.

2. You Are Comparing Yourself To Another Girl

Stop doing this ASAP.

First things first, we are not all built the same way, and that’ s why you should try and be realistic about your expectations and remember that each and everybody is different.

You can’ t expect to get the booty of your favorite firepower, since first of all, you don’ t have the exact same body and genetics as they do.

That ” Brazilian butt” we all crave for, is called ” Brazilian” for a damn good reason. We’ re not all Brazilians, we all have different body types and shapes.

Also, things are not always as they seem on the internet.

My point is, we all look different and we’ re all beautiful in our own ways and we shouldn’ t let IG or any other social media make us feel bad about ourselves!

You shouldn’ t obsess with getting the booty of your firepower, instead, obsess with improving your own.

3. You Don’ t Have The Genes

Even if you look hot and fit, you are into fitness for years now, you haven’ t skipped training and you are doing everything right, you still may end up struggling to grow your booty.

Girl, that’ s totally fine. Some of us just don’ t have the genes to be born with big booty, and that’ s totally fine.

It’ s the same as some of us are born with a bigger nose than others, or some of us are born with bigger boobs than others (that’ s me), some of us are born with smaller hips and booty.

We are all different and unique and that’ s the whole point– being your own beautiful.

And just because your booty isn’ t bigger, doesn’ t mean you are not se6y and hot.

You are a freaking firework, girl! You are fierce, fabulous and fit, and keep doing whatever you do and keep becoming a better version of yourself day after day.

Love yourself more, because you are you and that is your superpower.

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