‘Nana Addo lied to us but we’ll demonstrate soon’-Suame Magazine workers

Today on the Newday show on TV 3 they discussed the state of our electricity these days. People have started giving out concerns that it is the Dumsor part 2 that is starting this year and others also saying that it is a very small problem that will be solved very shortly.

This time, TV 3 had reporters in Kumasi Magazine to take the views of the workers over there and this is what they said about the recent power outages.

According to them, one of the reasons why they voted for Nana was the power issue. During the time of the NDC, they faced many challenges because of the Dumsor and they voted for Nana to come and find solutions to the problem but he failed. For them, Dumsor is what we are seeing but the leaders are not ready to tell us.

They continued that Nana Addo has brought Free Shs but it is not that free because of the books and provisions they buy for their children. They need money and the power also hindering their work, has made life very difficult for them.

For them, if they know that there’s a problem, they should give them time table for them to know when they will have light to help them to also know what they will do. In conclusion, they revealed that Nana Addo lied to them and that, they will demonstrate so soon.

This is what they said on TV 3.

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