Last Photos Of The 10yr Old Boy who was intentionally murdered

The family of the 10 year old boy who was intentionally murdered by two Ghanaian teens has eventually unleashed a photo of this young boy.

The boy was seen dressed in an ash-coloured kaftan and stood beside an elderly woman who wore a hijab.

Previously on this issue, two teenagers allegedly lured the 10 years innocent boy into an uncompleted building under the guise of selling him a video game and in the process, allegedly hit his neck with a club and later cement blocks, until he died.

Currently, the murders have been arrested by the Police but one of them is under 18 years old so he wasn’t transported to Court at the scene.

According to the public opinion, all TV stations that allow fake mallams and Pastors to advertise on their TV should be Sue by Court because these children wouldn’t have known that we use human blood for money if they didn’t watch TV.

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