Korle Bu Teaching Hospital catches fire at night.[See photos]

As we started this year, we’ve heard about many incidents that have claimed lives. These incidents include accidents on our roads, armed robbery attacks, people killing others and many more. Just recently, this is what has been reported from Korlebu around 12am on this Wednesday.

A video just dropped during this midnight where this man videoing the nurses of Korlebu Hospital rushing babies out of the hospital trying to rescue their lives as fire burns down the hospital. According to the man in the video, they have called the fire service and they are still not coming to their aid.

He continued that the few nurses around are doing their best to save the babies but is it not enough and that, there should be help immediately. As for the cause of the fire outbreak, it has not been told since they are still working hard to save babies.

This is what has been reported from Korlebu Hospital over the night..

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