I had S$X With My Boyfriend and His Dad(3some)-Lady Speaks(Screenshot)

A 21year old lady narrates how she had sex with his boyfriend and his father at the same time.

“I’m 21years. I have dated my boyfriend for 2years 8months. He is my first, I visited him to spend the Esther with him. I met his dad there and that’s my first time meeting his family. On Saturday, we were making love in his room. He locked the door from inside and removed the key from the door.

While he was making love, his dad opened the door with a spare key and entered wearing only boxers and was fully erected. I rushed my for my clothes and covered myself immediately but my boyfriend didn’t shake. Instead, he started begging me to allow his dad to join us. As in 3some. The dad too joined in begging and I later allowed them. Didn’t know what came over me. Throughout Saturday and Sunday, it was more like a sex carnival. They were just taking their turns one me. Funny enough I enjoyed his dad more than my boyfriend. His dad gave me 250,000 and my boyfriend gave me 20,000. I came home this morning and started reflecting on what happened. How could I allow them to use me as a sex slave. It was as if I was jazzed cos ordinary, I can’t even tell my friends what happened. Im thinking of punishing my boyfriend by Breaking up with him or by dating only his dad. His dad is a single dad. His mum is late. So its not as if Im sleeping with someone’s husband. It’s obvious my boyfriend has no atom of respect for me.“

below is a screenshot from the girl

screenshot from the girl

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