How to see your guardian angel in a dream.

Angels are supernatural entities with superior intelligence than humans. God designed them with powerful wisdom to serve his own purpose. According to the holy bible, God created angels from coals of fire and flames of fire. Angels could therefore walk through fire as a normal thing due to their fiery nature. God purposely created several classes of angels to serve the will of this omnipotent creator. But one great secret about angels is their holiness and purity which reflect the true nature of God. There are the Seraphims and the Cherubims. These are two most powerful angels in the angelic rank. Angel Gabriel is a Cherub with four wings just like Lucifer who is also a great anointed cherub with powerful intelligence hundred times greater than humans.

Every human being has been assigned at least two or more angels to protect them in the spiritual realm from demonic entities. As a child of God, you are strongly protected by holy angels from unseen forces of darkness in the universe. These angels are not visible to the human eyes. But it is possible to see these angelic beings who watch over our lives in dreams. If you want to see your guardian angel in a dream, i will show you how this could happen in your dreams.

If your desire is to see your guardian angel in a dream, then follow the following easy steps and get to know your guardian angel better.

  1. Declare a three day normal fasting and pray seriously with psalm 91:11 which says the angels of the lord watches over God’s children and keeps them from the evil one. Pray seriously with this bible verse asking God to grant you more angels to protect your precious life from the evil entities.
  2. Buy a very sweet smelling body spray and neutralise the scent of your room with the spray. But sanctify yourself from every unclean thing like fornication, idolatry, alcoholism, spiritism, stealing, etc. Sanctify yourself on the last day of the fasting and eat very little food before going to bed. If you eat heavy food, your mind will never recognise the angel in the dream. Sleep very early and wake up around 11:30 pm. Then repeat your psalmist prayer for thirty minutes and sleep again.
  3. While sleeping, the angel of the lord will visit you and possibly speak to you about your life. But remember that,angels will not appear to you in the dream with wings and shield. The angels will come in a friendly manner like a good samaritan to offer you a helping hand in a difficult situation.
  4. The most remarkable fact to consider is the kind of message that shall be deliver to you. The message will contain the will of God and your special assignment on earth. Angels are real supernatural beings with great power and absolute wisdom. The secret of angels is commitment. Angels like men who finishes what they happily started. Therefore take the angelic message very serious in the dream. Follow it closely and these powerful entities will surround and protect your life all your days on earth.
  5. When you wake up from the dream, write the events of the dream in a special dream book or journal to serve as reminder.
  6. Then thank God for sending his holy angel to visit you in a dream. Be grateful to God and seek for more angelic encounter in the days ahead.
  7. Don’t forget that the specific angel will visit you again but not necessarily in a dream. He could come in a human form to guide and direct your steps. Especially when you are going to board a passenger car to travel. Your guardian angel could travel with you as a passenger to save you from any unforseen danger on the road. Be kind to strangers especially in a bus or any public place. Your cheeky mouth could utter an insulting language against an angel of God.
  8. Be generous to people in need everywhere you encounter them.This will spark more angelic protection for your life. A merciful person shall surely obtain mercy. So show kindness to strangers who seek your help in dire situations and your reward will be immeasurable. Remember how angels visited Sarah to give her Isaac to end her years of childlessness and barrenness. The more you give attention to outsiders, the more you re likely to encounter your angel and receive your blessings
  9. When a bad item get missing in your room, don’t worry. Your guardian angel may want to purge your room from any uncleanness. Things like blue films are unclean in the eyes of the holy angels of God. If they find any of these items in your living room, it prevents them from visiting you. So they can take it away from there to protect your life.
  10. Finally, your guardian angels report your daily life record and will forward it to God after death. So be careful how you follow the word of God according to the scriptures. Don’t live a careless life. Obey the bible and walk according to the will of God. If you carefully follow these steps, you will see your guardian angel from time to time in your dreams and in real life. Angel are beautiful creatures who hates sins. Any angel who cherish sin is a falling angel.

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