Check Out How To Become An Intelligent Student. Number 7 will shock you (Read more…)

1. Manage Your time wisely : This is the way to achieve a lot in life . stop wasting time on things with little or no value , always engage yourself with useful things . plan yourself very well always

Don’t let your online wanderings get the better part of you. Make a list of your priorities.

2. Read a Little every day : Make out time always to read something new every day, the act of reading help increased intelligence. when you reading it helps to creates an atmosphere for reflection and analytical thought. when you are reading always pause and consider what you read. A good reading practice demands attention . Try to learn a new thing a very day, it is the best way to learn fast .

3. Review Learned Information : Always review every information you get . when you review information it will help you to retain them in your brain.

4. Study a Second Language: Try to always study a second language because it will help you acquire more knowledge. Studying a language proves challenging for most people. It takes years of work to gain fluency in a foreign language,

Language acquisition launches your brain into a full workout. When you read, hear and converse in a language it help your brain to work faster . The more your brain struggles to deal with and respond to information, the stronger it becomes.

5. Play Brain Games :Try playing brain games it helps your brain to function very well, it makes your brain to be more calculative at every given time

They might not beat your game console, but brain games claim to sharpen your cognitive ability. Many games helps to boost your IQ through fun and simple games. Always find out time for brain games because it Keeps you smarter.

6. Get Regular Exercise: Try to always get daily exercise because makes you smarter. exercising daily will enhance your mental clarity and intelligence.

7. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument : Try to learn some musical instruments , it helps the brain to keep smart always

8. Always eat good food : Try to eat good foods always essentially foods that contain vitamin E

Other foods like olive oil, eggs, small amounts of red wine, dark chocolate, blueberries, and some many others will always help the brain , Avocado is also very good for the brain

9. Meditate : Find time to always meditate about life and others . Establishing a short, daily meditation practice can beef up your concentration, alertness, creativity, and intelligence.

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