At Apam Junction

Many lives goes down and who is to be aportioned blame. The road minister,the driver or the vehicle?.My three days into motionless body made my entire life after recovea lesson learnt one.It was so deadly that many have to loose their legs,spinal cord and lives because of a careless driver who taught overspeeding was the only way to get to his destination. I was place d among the dead in the hospital awaiting to be conveyed for preservation.At the same said junction every year lives are wasted there through same means and here I ask “WHY”.Notice has not been observed from that junction and the need to let the waves carry this piece accross.Many say is a cursed juction and others say is neglegence.I say then that, if sayers are able to figure out the reason behind ,then hopefuly a solution too is possible.Only is an unknown sickness that has no cure.I share tears in memory of those who lost their lives on that unfortunate day .The game of blame is not a remedy but rather the game of responsibility.Mr Road Minister ,fix the road if not good.Mr driver be very alert and know when and how to overtake and overspeed.Moving vehicle ,maintenance is your strenght so give us signals to…Together the battle will be won over Apam Junction and other accident prone areas…God bless us all.

Richard Azu

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