6 Habits That You Might Not Know Are Making You Fat

1- Eating low- fat and industrial foods

Most foods labeled low fat or fat- free may save you the free calories but what you might not know is they’ re replaced with sugar and other preservatives instead.

Stuffed with sugars and preservatives, these foods are the number one enemies of a flat stomach.

They give the illusion of being full but in reality, you are not because the nutrients are not there.

Prefer real foods with more calories but which, due to their composition, will make you fat less and which are in the process much less harmful to health.

2- Eating when you are angry

Angry woman. Photo courtesy: twitter. com

For some people, stress, anxiety, or a bit of sadness causes food cravings.

When hit with emotional distress, some people turn to food for comfort and in the process gain weight.

However, it’ s advised not to give in to this impulse but if you can’ t resist, opt for a drink or a fruit rather than a big cake full of cream. . . yes we know, it’ s easier said than done but it’ s worth the try!

3- Eating late at night

This is a really bad habit that will make you pack on those extra kilos.

Even though your body is digesting at night, it slows down because you’ re less active at night.

The later you eat, the more likely you are to store fat.

4- Eating too little protein

Woman holding an apple and burger. Photo courtesy: facebook. com

A study by the American Medical Association revealed that people who eat fewer proteins are highly probable to gain more weight.

People who eat little proteins often resort to carbohydrates that have more calories.

Protein helps regulate your blood sugar and suppresses sweet cravings. Carbohydrates on the other hand fluctuate blood sugar and in return leads to cravings. , and just like that, you’ ll find yourself trying to feed your cravings with a plate of something.

5- Not getting enough sleep

Being sleep deprived is a major factor in weight gain and obesity.

Poor sleep can lead to increased appetite simply by activating a hunger hormone called ghrel in that makes you want to eat when you’ re awake at night.

Lack of sleep also increases one’ s calorie intake, majorly caused by late- night snacking.

6- Eating on a large plate

A large plate with food. Photo courtesy: wikipedia. org

Large plates can be deceiving.

It might be pretty but it mostly gives you the impression of having a mini portion.

Prefer a small plate that will seem well- stocked.

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