The rise of Huawei, Once again.

Hi, if you are a person who follows tech news, you will notice that Huawei, Xiaomi an some other companies have been added to the list of blacklisted companies that have been banned from trading directly with any American institution, this goes far to state that Huawei nor the other banned companies can’t even used American materials and even software for the manufacturing of their products.

This is sad news and good news, first, this is an opportunity for Huawei to build its own operating system – Harmony OS. Well, as it stands now there are a limited number of options available in terms of companies it can work to continue manufacturing chipset for them.

Well as it stands here are some of the companies that have obtained license in order to to supply chipsets or materials needed for the making of Smartphones.

Well if you don’t know, the Huawei ban is basically just because the U.S. Government thinks Huawei’s 5G is bad and that the Huawei mobile manufacturing company has strong ties with the Chinese army and Government, even though, Huawei came out debunk these claims, they were still banned.

And for starters this is how the ban works, It stops Huawei from working with any American based Company and also non American companies that use American technology.

And also, based on a report by, in order for a company to get the license to work with Huawei, the company must exclude the use of 5G in its manufacturing process, this complicates things more for Huawei and other blacklisted companies.

So with all these above said in mind let’s see the list of companies that have gotten and obtained license to work with Huawei and the other blacklisted companies.


AMD was one of the first companies to get a license to supply Huawei. Just a few days after the Huawei ban took effect, there were reports that this company already has a license. On September 19, five days after the new US ban on Huawei began, there were a number of reports on AMD’s license.

According to reports, AMD did not get a license to supply just Huawei. Its license covers a host of Chinese manufacturers that are on the entity list. However, the company did not reveal the companies that it is allowed to supply.


Chinese sources familiar with the matter said that Intel has received a license from the US to continue doing business with Huawei. This means the Chinese giant will be able to order chips from Intel for its hardware. Huawei mostly uses Intel solutions for its laptop business. Thus, this license will not make any impact on its dwindling smartphone business.


According to reports, Japanese manufacturing giant, Sony also has a license to supply Huawei. The transactions between Huawei and Sony is in the camera department. Sony is one of the best camera sensor makers in the world. Many Huawei smartphones make use of Sony sensors. The ban affects Sony because some of the equipment used for making the sensors are American. Currently, Huawei is one of Sony’s largest customers of smartphone image sensors. If it cannot continue to supply Huawei, Sony’s profits will be at risk..

So far at the time of writing this post this was how far I had gotten to in my research you can reach me through the comments and educate me more on this topic but for now bye.

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