‘The court gave these money ritualists power to operate’-Chairman of media committee

This Kasoa murder case has brought people’s attention to the activities on our TV stations these days. People have the perspective that these children got the mindset to go for money after watching those people who ask people to come for money on our TV.

And it is true as Nicholas – one of the murderers, revealed that they saw the man on television and decided to go for money from him and calling him, asked them to bring human parts and an amount of money for the rituals.

Today on Kokrokoo on Hello FM, King Edward De Slave called the Chairman of the Media Committee where he asked him questions concerning those people promoting how to get quick money and this is what he said about it:

According to the man, they saw this some time ago and decided to make a law that will ban all those people promoting quick money on TV and even those pastors who they thought were doing what was not right but just as they started to stop them, they were sent to court.

According him, they were sent to court that the Media Committee wanted to collapse their business which the court found to be wrong and that, gave them the right to continue those things on television. He concluded that it is therefore not their fault that those things are happening on our TV stations and they are even looking forward to seeing our leaders doing something about it.

This is what was revealed on Hello FM.

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