Sad News hits Ghana from Akyem Oda.

As we started this year, we’ve heard about many incidents that have claimed lives. These incidents include accidents on our roads, armed robbery attacks, people killing others and many more. Just recently, this is what has been reported from Akyem Odaa on Peace FM 6am news.

It has been reported that some parts of Akyem Odaa have been collapsed by a heavy rainfall. According to the reporter, houses have collapsed, light poles, big trees and others also have fallen leaving some people even seriously injured.

This reporter continued that one sad thing about this is that, those radio stations that should be working and bringing out news on this sad incident also have their networks poles on the ground disallowing them to work from today until they settle everything.

According him, this heavy rainfall has left people homeless and others in the hospital very injured. One leader in Akyem Odaa also added his voice narrating how the rain has destroyed things. He therefore asked people and the government as well not to hesitate to come to their aid.

This is what has been reported on Peace FM.

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