Islamic Boy Killed For Rituals By Two Teenagers On His Way To School

No man on earth and even beneath the earth has no right to kill a man but a lot of people do it these days without any atom of fear or guilt. Their conscience are totally dead and their hearts are cold, poisonous, polluted and hardened. These are human beings that were once kids with conscience and pity but now they kill their fellow human beings with no regrets at all.

This is the story of an Islamic boy who two teenagers killed on his way to school.

It was indeed a very painful event that happened on Saturday when a 10 year old boy was killed by 2 teenagers. the mother of the deceased as spoken about the death of her beloved son. According to a video shared by celebritiesbuzz on instagram, the mother who spoke in her dialect explained that on the very day her son was killed, he was to go to his Islamic school as he goes every Saturday with his sister.

Still in tears, she revealed that her son has done no one any harm, and does not deserve to die. Hajia Maame (the deceased mother) went on to say that on that day, being on Saturday, Ismael, her 10 years old son didn’ t go out to his lesson because his father was to come for a visit, since he wasn’ t staying with them so he had to be at home, spending time with his father, where her son was playing game on his laptop in the hall.

She said she was awoken by her daughter, after she had dozed off, saying that her brother has been killed. The mother who revealed that she couldn’ t believe at first, as it was not long she saw him rushed over to verify, only to realize that her little boy was actually killed.

The mother who was all teary throughout speaking, said it is painful, as her son had not done or brought any harm to anyone.

What a world! how can somebody be minding his own business and still get killed.

May God help us.

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