‘Increase our quota to mecca’ Bagbin to Saudi Ambassador

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Sumana Bagbin, has mentioned that the portion of Ghanaians who play out the yearly Hajj be expanded.
He said this will empower upwards of 20% of Ghanaian Muslims to play out the exceedingly significant strict commitment.
Mr. Bagbin said this when the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Ghana, Meshal Hamdan Al-Rogi, approached him in Parliament last Wednesday.

There has been a ton of worry in the Muslim people group on a cap on the number of individuals who get visas to set out on the Hajj journey.
A portion of the future travelers stresses that they don’t will visit the heavenly place where there is Saudi Arabia since they get baffled and a few times misused because more individuals are applying for a set number of visas.

In 2019, the last Hajj journey, an aggregate of 6,000 travelers were effectively flown from Ghana to Saudi Arabia to play out the ceremonies.
As indicated by certain sources, more than 10,000 individuals applied.
The Speaker said the Ambassador must expand the numbers since more Ghanaian Muslims need to play out the journey.

Different conversations were on fortifying monetary and social ties between their two nations.
Likewise on the front burner was the need to revive the Ghana-Saudi Parliamentary Friendship Association to effectuate individual to individual relations between the two nations

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