“Eii information wo wiase oo” shatta bandle allegedly rape an underage girl..

Shatta Bundle, a famous social media figure, has been accused of rape.The famous social media influencer was seen in bed with a young lady who is underage in videos that appeared on social media.
Soon after the video went viral, rumors began to circulate that Shatta Bandle had taken advantage of the lady and rapped her when they were having fun together..

Mr Mahama Haruna, the young lady’s supposed uncle, has taken to Facebook to urge the family to take legal action against Shatta Bundle over the matter.
He posted on his Facebook 👇👇

“So the only achievement of the self acclaimed rich man from Tamale called Shatta Bundle when he visited Bole on Saturday 3rd April, 2021 to be part of Aseda Records signing of a musician called Lexicon at the plush Wuripe and Sons Royal Lodge (Bole Dubai) is to rape a little girl (name withheld) that is less than 16 years of age at the hotel.

The video of this rape is trending… I’m just wondering why Shatta Bundle will rape a little girl and make a video of it?

The little girl happens to be the daughter my direct brother.

In fact she is a favourite daughter of the family because she was named after our late mother.I just laid my hands on the birth certificate of the little girl and it will be very interesting in court…”

The 15-year-old girl at the center of the social media sensation and entertainer Shatta Bundle’s boiling scandal has responded to the viral video and subsequent claim by an alleged relative.

In another video, the woman identified herself as Ayesha and denied allegations that she was abducted and raped by Shatta Bundle in response to a post by an uncle known as Mahama Haruna.

Ayesha the alleged victims jumped to the defence of Shatta Bundle, noting that it was a harmless video and photograph session with the celebrity.

Ayesha,the supposed victims, came to Shatta Bundle’s defense, claiming that it was an innocent video and photo session with the celebrity.
There were people in the room as we took the snap

“It was not rape, simple and short,” she intimated in the video.

In an update on the case, Shatta Bundle took to Instagram in the early hours of Sunday to declare his innocence.

Shatta Bundle claimed that he was never alone in the room during the video recording and that no s*xual activity occurred between him and the young lady.

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