Achimota rasta boy reveals how he finished all SHS Maths topics in 1 month

has spoken of his love for mathematics in a new video

According to him, maths happens to be his favourite subject and he has covered all the topics in the SHS syllabus using one month

Marghuy is the JHS graduate who has been rejected by Achimota School because of his dreadlocks

Tyrone Marghuy, the JHS graduate rejected by Achimota SHS over his dreadlocked hair, has revealed his favourite subject to be mathematics.

In an interview with celebrity blogger Ameyaw Debrah, Marghuy indicated that his love for mathematics got him to learn SHS mathematics even before his admission.

The 17-year-old explained that as part of his preparations from senior high school (SHS), he took an Aki-Ola Maths book that treats all the topics of SHS mathematics.

According to Marghuy, he had wanted to acquaint himself with the topics in the SHS mathematics syllabus.

But he ended up covering the topics in the book from cover to cover. He stated that he completed the topics in the book within the month of February and even used only 10 minutes to master some of the topics.

In his interview, Marghuy suggested that he could sit the SHS Core Maths subject in the WASCCE and pass without much difficulty.

Marghuy also touched on how he came to make the choice of Achimota School and the way forward for him.

Marghuy’s claims come a few weeks after his school certificates and other documents popped up online.

The documents showed the BECE results and raw scores of the boy and confirmed him as a brilliant boy who has always been top of his class.

Meanwhile, Marghuy revealed in the same interview that he loved Achimota and had wanted to win the NSMQ Award for the school.

Marghuy disclosed that even though he knew little about the school before that time and selecting as his first choice, his love for Achimota grew and had wanted to do better for them.

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