5 Equipment-Free Workouts To Get A Flat Tummy

Equipment-free workouts are a convenient form of getting fit without using any machines, weights, or, as the name suggest, any equipment at all. You can work out anywhere, at any time, without any hassles. These exercises are great for a flat tummy because equipment free workouts train you to use your own bodyweight to lose fat and build lean muscle throughout your body. However, one thing to keep in mind is that nobody can achieve a flat tummy with only dieting or working out. Exercise and food habits have to be coupled together and balanced with each other to achieve those enviable abs. Furthermore, spot reduction is not entirely effective and a more realistic way to reach your fitness goals is weaving in specific workouts that target those areas you want to reduce, within a holistic workout plan that focuses on all parts of your body.

The top equipment-free workouts that fire up your abdominal muscles and help you achieve a flat tummy are:

1. Plank 

The plank is a core stabilisation movement which targets all the core muscles and is an isometric strength-building exercise. Doing a plank is incredibly simple, yet effective. The right way to perform a plank is maintaining a stationary push-up position for the maximum possible time. If you’re just starting out, try to maintain a plank for 30 seconds, going up to 1 minute and then 2 minutes. The most efficient way to practice a plank is to hold the position for a minute and resting for 10 seconds before repeating the movement at least twice more. Planks are also great for strengthening your upper arms.

2. Side Plank  

A major part of flat tummy goals is getting rid of that muffin top. Another version of the plank is the side plank, where the body is propped up on either the right side or the left side of body, supported by the arm and the leg, held for as long as possible. The other arm on the top must be extended upwards at a right angle to the body. To perform a more advanced version, you can also try to lift the leg that is on top away from the body, instead of resting it on the other leg parallel to the floor. The side plank targets the oblique muscles and stabilizes the side core, helping it to tone up. Follow the same intervals as the regular plank.

3. Dead Bug  

The dead bug is a unique and fun core stabilisation exercise that also stabilises the back muscles, especially targeting the lower back. To perform this equipment-free workout, lie down and bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor. Then, tighten your abs and raise your bent legs until your knees are over your hips, bringing both arms up halfway overhead. Slowly lower your right arm and left leg until they’re just above the floor and bring them back to the starting position. Repeat on the opposite side, and perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

4. Sit-Ups  

Sit-ups are the most popular and common workout for achieving a flat tummy. It is an abdominal endurance training and involves a basic crunching movement which entirely targets the abdominal muscles. Sit-ups strengthen the rectus abdominus and can be performed absolutely anywhere. A sit-up is similar to a crunch, but they have a fuller range of motion and train additional muscles.

5. Reverse Push Up  

The reverse push up is dynamic movement exercise which targets belly fat by working on the core and strengthening your lower back. Lift your hips and torso towards the ceiling. Lay on your back and lift your shoulders and hips up towards the ceiling, assuming a tabletop position to start this workout. Drop your shoulders down and support your body on your palms and heels while keeping your body in a straight line facing upwards. This exercise not only makes the core and abs stronger, but also helps in toning the arms and glutes.

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