Three Signs He Is Cheating On You

Marriage is a very important phase or step in life that every man or woman wanna go through. However, it is not always easy to maintain a marriage life due to a number of factors and it really does require perseverance and a lot of commitment towards it.

The most common challenge that has led to breakage of many marriages is infidelity either on the man’s side or the woman’s side. This is usually very common and is always an everyday issue.

These are the signs that your husband is likely cheating on you.

1. Always on his phone chatting or calling.

When your man is always on the phone chatting with other people or at times receiving calls late night, which he doesn’t want to hear the conversation, yet he is not involved in any online business. This may actually show that he maybe cheating on you with another woman, which he doesn’t want you to know.

2. Spends the night out.

When your husband at times spends the night out , especially when he doesn’t drink and dodges your calls and when he returns he doesn’t want to talk about it and at times becomes angry at you. This may actually show he spend the night at another woman’s house and may actually be cheating on you with her.

3. Doesn’t like your cooking.

When your husband used to like your cooking but then changes abruptly and starts claiming the food is bad and refuses to eat the food you have cooked, this may show that he might have developed interested in some other girl or lady and either wants you to leave so that he can the other woman. Or it can as well show that he eats at the other woman’s place before coming home and since he is on a full stomach and he doesn’t want you to know fearing you might question, he starts complaining of the food and ends up not eating.

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