This is why landlords should comply with tenants.[See details]

Just recently, the Rent Control Department was represented by Hovey Kporsu on Joy News where he discussed with people some laws governing tenants and their landlords. He said everything and quoted from the constitution. If you are a tenant or a landlord, kindly read this to the end as I take you through some of the things he said.

He explained everything from a term, RENT CART. This cart is all about renting issues and every letter in the word ‘CART’ has it’s meaning. This is how he explained the letters on Joy News.

Starting with letter C, C means Card. According to Hovey Kporsu, there should be a card which the landlord will have to keep one, and the tenant also keep one so that they will write and sign whenever something goes on between them. Maybe if there’s any rule to be obeyed and all that.

Taking A: A means agreement. Before one rents a room or even a house, there must be an agreement between the tenant and the landlord. This agreement should be documented and serve as evidence if there’s any misunderstandings. According to him, there’s no right for a landlord to vary rent until agreement between him and the tenant expires.

R is receipt. He continued that tenants should make sure that they take receipts from landlords whenever there’s any payment to serve as evidence for any misunderstandings that may occur.

And finally, T is tax paying. This goes straight to the landlord. According to him, once the house is rented, there should be paying of taxes to government. He continued that a landlord would be in trouble if it is found that he doesn’t pay tax to the government.

Mr. Hovey Kporsu concluded that, if there’s something going on between a tenant and a landlord and they cannot settle by themselves, then they should consult the Rent Control Department for them to use the law and settle everything.

This is what was just discussed on Joy News TV.

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