Tears Fall on Ghana Health Service… Read full details here

Life is full of surprises,we came on this earth but our destiny is unknown.Life is too short to be experience. God created humans to grow,reproduce and die.In the actual sense no matter the situation one finds him or herself death await.You see the beautiful lady at the top. She is a friend and her name is Perpetual Owusuaa. We have been friends since Junior High School. Most of our friends called her Perpe. She is 22 years of age and She is a brilliant lady. Perpe died last two weeks.

The information gathered stated that, She came to this Earth with a disease called Asthma. She has been suffering from this Asthma for all her life. The information gathered stated that, Her Asthma came last two weeks and when she was rushed to the hospital, the doctors did everything that they could but she did not make it. The painful part is that, she just completed community nursing school last year and Her results came recently and she got a Distinction. According to a report reaching us, Her funeral rites will be done on Thursday, 8th April, 2021 at Atimatim New site in the Ashanti Region.
Expectation did not arise on her sudden demise but here by the case when life is struggling with death and death over conquers life there is nothing that can be a positivity for life to reconquer death.It has happened and there is nothing that we can do,We humbly send our condolences to the family with regards to her death. Please share, like and comment on this article.

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