[PHOTOS]: Meet The Shortest Man On Earth Who Is Almost 75Years With His Children Who Looks Like Him…

Primordial dwarfism is a group of disorders in which a person growth is delayed beginning in the early stages of development or in the womb especially babies with Primordial dwarfism have introduced growth retardation which is the failure of the filters to grow normally.

These disorders of this old man was inherited by his children, this man is 75 years of age who got married to his wife at the of 34years.

It is very difficult for you to identify the father in this family because they are almost the same in size and stature.

Their first born is almost 37 years and still the stature looks like a baby.

This lived in an isolated village with his family alone for almost 43 years, he is farmer who cultivate plants and rear animals like cow, sheep and other fowls at his village

This woman really love his husband as the way he is, and always give him the maximum respect he deserved because this man is very hardworking despite his disability. She also said her children are also helpful which motivate her to happy having them in her life.

The children and their father always jokes which are very funny,which makes me happy living them but according to my husband he has the intention being and actor.

He has train the children how to create funny scene and thought them how to actor and dance without any song.

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