Peace FM reporter orders arrest of pastors of Church of Pentecost.

Just recently, it has been reported on Peace FM that the police has scattered the Easter Convention of Church of Pentecost at Dabala. This is how the reporter narrated the whole story on Peace FM during their news reports.

According to the reporter, he just came across this convention at Dabala but he was in haste for a meeting and that, he went his way. On his way back, he came to meet this large crowd still having their Easter convection. He stopped at the place and realized that it was the church of Pentecost having their Easter convection in a way that is wrong according to the rules during this corona virus pandemic.

This reporter continued that he went to the Police and informed them about how the church had gathered over there flouting all the covid-19 protocols. He therefore led the police to the place to close down the convention. According to him, the police didn’t know him and they were just following his orders.

For him, he even ordered the police to arrest the pastors steering the convention and send them to court but they were pleading with the police and even the police were behaving as if they feared the pastors but seeing to it that they closed down the convention, he moved on.

This is what was reported on Peace FM.

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