Meet the tribe that offers “free sex” to its guests in Africa🙊🙊🙊!!!!

The Himba (singular: OmuHimba, plural: OvaHimba) are a group of local people with an estimated population of about 50,000 people living in northern Namibia, in region known as  the Kunene Region (formerly known as Kaokoland) and on the other stratch of land located on side of the Kunene River in southern part of Angola.

There are also a few left groups of the OvaHimba people known as  OvaTwa, who are slightly different because, unlike the others, they(OvaTwa) are hunters and gatherers.However, the OvaHimba do not like to be associated with OvaTwa.

Culturally, The OvaHimba group of people are distinguishable from the group of people called Herero. The OvaHimba are a pastoral semi-nomadic people and speak OtjiHimba, a variety of Herero which belongs to the Bantu group of people within the territories of Congo-Niger.

The OvaHimba are semi-nomadic as they have base homesteads where crops are cultivated, but may have to move within the year depending on rainfall and where there is access to water.They plant crops such as maize and millet.

They also rear animals as part of their farming activities.They rear animals like fat-tailed sheep, goat and Cattle.But they measure their wealth with the number of cattle one have.

 Now,it’s among the practices of the OvaHimba tribe, to abandon one’s hut and wife for a separate hut to pass the night, allowing one’s wife to entertain a guest for the night as a way of receiving and honoring one’s guest.You think it sounds crazy?Something more dumbfounding is that, a guest could be refused a place to pass over the night in the community, when he refuses to have the woman, as their culture demands.

I think you should travel there for your package, but remeber to go with a tent, if you’re faithful to your spouse or else you’ll be sorry in the night.

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