A cleric, Pastor Segun Agbaaraojo, has finally destroyed his marriage after his wife, Adeola, reportedly caught him pants down having sex with a married Church member in his office in Lagos.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that Mrs. Adeola has filed a suit before the Family Court in Epe, Lagos, asking the Court to dissolve the marriage which had produced four children and three are adults.

An embittered Mrs. Adeola Agbaraojo, while presenting the ground of seeking for divorce, narrated her experience of catching her husband pants down with one of his Church members on 13th March, 2020. She told the Court to dissolve her marriage with her husband, Segun, because of his high level of infidelity and betrayal despite the fact that Segun Agbaraojo is the pastor of a Church.

When the Court asked him about the wife’s allegation, Segun confessed to have engaged in the bad act when the wife caught him before his counsel, Barr. Ojoolape, prayed the Court to have mercy on his client, as his client might have been tempted to indulge in such act.

But Mrs. Adeola Agbaraojo, already with four kids, said she can no longer live with Pastor Agbaraojo because he betrayed the trust she had in him before they got married some years back.

The presiding Judge, Justice Mobolape Idowu, gave an order for the woman to take the youngest kid into custody but allowed the eldest be taken care of by the father as he cannot be denied the paternity of the child. But the Justice said the kids can be seen by their father whenever he so wished.
The Court also ordered him to pay a fine of N1,000,000 to his wife or be sentenced to three months in Correctional facility as damages to the wife’s image.
The children were said to be allowed to choose whoever they want to follow out of their mother or father as they were already grown.
Family members in attendance could not but cry as they witnessed the  end of the marriage in their presence.

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