‘Ghanaians are asking us to free the killers’ -Police reports on Peace FM

We all have heard about this issue where these two boys came together to kill another boy at the age of 11 and decided to take the body for money rituals but unfortunately they were caught. This story is still trending since it happened not long ago.

These two boys are still in police custody while investigation continues. As at now, we have not heard anything from any police since they are still doing their investigation. Just recently, this is what a police officer has reported on Peace FM.

According to the police officer, they would like to do some investigations before they start to take any step but since we are still on holidays, they have decided to start everything on Tuesday. The police continued that there have been some challenges when they arrested these boys and here is the problem.

According to the police, people have been approaching, telling them not to punish the boys and even some of them are raising points that they should release the boys because of their ages. That is, they are under 18 but according to the police, that is not how it is done.

The police continued that they are going to do investigations to know the real ages of the boys and even if they find out that they are below 18, there’s still punishment for them as it is stated in the constitution.

He therefore admonished that Ghanaians should be quiet about this case as they use legitimate steps to settle everything. This is what has been reported on Peace FM.

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