Dear guys, when a lady does these for you, it means she’s crushing on you

When a girl is crushing on you, she will do everything to make you happy and she will make sure you are satisfied: 

1.She enjoys talking to you:

Whenever she’s with you she makes sure she brought out a topic just to make sure you aren’t bored and make sure you are happy, she will make sure you aren’t depressed at all expense.

2.She first crack a smile laughs at what comes out of your mouth:

Whenever you talk, she makes sure she laughs at whatsoever you said, she laughs a lot whenever she’s with you, whatever comes out from your mouth, she will make sure she smiles, she did this just to cheer you up to do more.

3.She’s shy of your eyes:

A lady who’s crushing on you will be shy to face you, she will be nervous and find it uneasy to look at you, she will always look down whenever you are talking because she will feel uncomfortable looking at your eyes

4.Licking her lips:

If a lady is flirting with you, she will always lick her lips to talk to you, she will make her lips so pinky, sexy and soft for you with excessive licking, she will do this for you to be attracted with her.

5.Your smile lights her up:

When a lady has an interest in you she will make sure she stares at you very well and she will notice all your statements, and whenever you smile she will also be happy because your smile will surely light her up.

6.She giggles a lot around you:

Whenever you are with a girl who’s crushing on you, she will always chuckle around you and whenever she glances at you, she will always feel happy when she sees you around and she will always feel comfortable and optimistic.

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