Some Rastafarian’s Don’t Smoke Weed…Professor

United-States based Ghanaian Accounting Professor, Stephen Kwaku Asare, has condemned comments by First Deputy Speaker, Joseph Osei-Owusu that the Rastafarian religion is associated with weed smoking.

In the Professor’s opinion, being Rastafarian doesn’t necessarily mean one smokes weed.“Weed is smoked by a whole bunch of people, one does not have to be a Rastafarian to smoke weed…It is a moot question because one does not go to school to smoke weed. If you’re caught, you’ll be dealt with,” he said Friday, on the Super Morning Show.

This follows a comment by First Deputy Speaker, Mr Osei-Owusu, that references made to the Rastafarian religion in the case of some students who have been denied enrolment into some Senior High Schools may complicate matters for the students.

This, he explained, is because of the misconception held against some practices of the religion.

He argued that Rastafarianism is mostly associated with weed-smoking, and this he believes may not help in resolving the situation at hand.

“I get worried in the attempt to rope in Rastafarianism as religion. If we do that, then we complicate the matter. The reason is this: If you study Rastafarianism, it includes the smoking of weed and weed is an illegal substance. It is not a substance that is permitted to be smoked,” the First Deputy Speaker said.

However, the Professor says such comments are not needed in the current discussion.

Currently, these Rastafarians who were rejected by Achimota Senior High School for not cutting their hair has gain 6 scholarship from some organizations in the United States Of American hence, they can study abroad for free.

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