Rastafarianism Religion Is Not Accepted In Ghana Because……

The Managing Director of the Intercity STC Coaches Limited, Nana Akomea, has stated that the debate over the admission of two students with dreadlocks to Achimota Senior High School would not have come up if Rastafarianism was a recognised religion in Ghana.

According to him, the misunderstanding between the management of the school and parents of the students would not have been the case if they were Muslims.He said this was the case because Islam was a recognised religion in Ghana, whereas Rastafarianism was not.

Mr Akomea was sharing his views on the ongoing brouhaha between Achimota School, the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the two Rastafarian students on Accra-based radio station, Peace FM.

He noted that although the Constitution stipulates that every Ghanaian had the freedom of religion, worship and association, there are rules and regulations guiding those rights.

He, therefore, advocated for the GES and its stakeholders to come out with standard rules for secondary schools in order to avert future occurrences.

Currently, the two Rastafarians has been admitted by a private organization in the United States Of America hence, they can now study abroad without paying any fees for schooling.

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