5 Dangerous Food That You Should Stop Eating Them, They Can Kill You Easily

There are some people who are very afraid of death and avoid all kinds of dangerous situations in order to be safe, but there are things much more dangerous than parachute jumping or climbing. Simply eating some foods can be crucial to our health.

The 5 Foods to Avoid at All Costs

1- Live octopus

Although it sounds disgusting, this food is popular in South Korea and Japan. Currently, the lifeless octopus is usually served, but it is still dangerous, since the ability to grip the suction cups of its tentacles continues to have strength even after death.

As a result of consuming this animal there are usually about 6 deaths per year, and to avoid this, the tentacles must be cut into small pieces before consuming it.

2- Cassava

Also known as Yucca or tapioca, it is a tuber that grows in the tropics and subtropics, and is a fairly popular food that replaces the potato. In addition, cassava flour is well known for being similar to wheat.

However, eating it raw is quite dangerous for the body as it can produce cyanide. The best option is to serve it boiled, fried or baked.

3- Monkey brain
In the 1984 movie, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Death, the consumption of this food was popularized, which is still a typical dish in some Asian and African tribes. Furthermore, the monkey brain was a delicacy in China during the Qing Dynasty in the 18th century.

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The danger lies in a disease called Creutzfeldt-Jakob that has the ability to be transmitted from animals to humans and that causes great damage to the brain such as memory problems, behavior changes, visual disturbances and even poor coordination.

4- Cashews

This dried fruit, original from Brazil, should not be eaten raw under any circumstances. The options that we find in supermarkets are totally healthy and safe. In these cases, they have been previously steamed to remove a chemical called urushiol that can be very harmful to the body, and that is also found in poison ivy.

5- Puffer Fish

This fish is a Japanese delicacy known as fugu, but it contains a deadly poison called tetrodotoxin. The meat of your fish is the only eatable part of the puffer fish because the skin, ovaries, gonads, and liver are really toxic.

If these poisonous parts are consumed, in as little as 45 minutes you can begin to feel cholera-like symptoms, in addition to having seizures. In Japan, you need a special license to be able to work with these dangerous organs. However, the fugu kills about 5 people a year, as there are people who hunt and cook them themselves.

Have you ever tried any of these foods? Are you going to remove them from your life?

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