UCC Quiz: One Trick That Made Almost A Whole Class Score Zero

Some students who are suspectedly first year students, reading Agriculture and Economic Development at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) had been punished and rendered sad by their own attitude towards reading simple instructions.

These students failed to read a simple instruction which instructed them to only attempt their quiz after they had read everything on the paper.

They wrote the answers against the questions thinking the questions were so cheap for their level only to realize eventually that they were supposed to answer only question 12 of the questions but it was too late for them since a warning prohibited them from making a cancellation.

Although the question they were supposed to answer was easy and could fetch them handsome scores, most of these students, if not all, would score zero because they did not cultivate the habit of reading simple instructions before attempting quizzes or exams.

However, UCC quizzes or exams will always be like Ronaldinho who always had a new way of dribbling and outsmarting the intelligence of his opponents.

Checkout the questions;

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