Meet the Kumawood Actors Whose Death broke The Heart Ghanaian

In the previous five years, Kumawood has lost at any rate sone of its entertainers to death. Ghana’ s acting industry has been hit for certain passings and here, CONAS GH investigates the rundown of some Ghanaian entertainers and entertainers who kicked the bucket since the year.

Asuo Tano–February 26, 2019

Asuo Tano passed on while on affirmation at a Hospital in Accra. Asuo Tano was a mainstream Kumawood entertainer and make-up craftsman. He passed on while on confirmation at Hospital in Accra. The veteran entertainer featured in a few Ghanaian motion pictures and dramatization arrangement.

Abass Blinkz–November 7, 2018

Abass was cut to death in Kumasi. Abass Blinks was wounded to death in a battle. This occurrence occurred in Asawase, Kumasi. Abass Blinkz was cut over and again in the head prior to passing on.

Blinkz was an entertainer and Makeup craftsman. His first film was Abuburo Kosua delivered by Kingdom Media House.

Eric Asante–November 27, 2016

Eric Asante passed on of a heart failure. He was an individual from FIPAG and the CEO of No Limit Productions, which was known for the famous film Lil Win in Belgium. He featured in motion pictures like Ohia Asoma Wo, Dangerous Mission, Evil Heart, and numerous others.

Bishop Bernard Nyarko–May 2, 2020

Bernard Nyarko, usually referred to in Broadway as Bishop Bernard Nyarko, was a Ghanaian entertainer and humorist who turned into a full-time minister. He was known for the Hero: Service to Humanity and Sidechic Gang motion pictures.

Bishop Bernard Nyarko kicked the bucket on May 2, 2020 at the 37 Military Hospital, Accra. Entertainer Bishop Bernard Nyarko passed on May 2, 2020 after been raced to the 37 Military Hospital.

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