Look at 5 dazzling Kente outfits of Serwaa Amihere for your customary marriage

It’s protected to say that Serwaa Amihere rules Traditional Kente dresses.

Serwaa Amihere is a Ghanaian News Presenter who is notable for her style and lovely grin however photographs of her wearing kente as of late grabbed our eye.

Blending the shades of kente materials to track down the ideal match whiles considering your skin tone may be hard yet Serwaa Amihere does it easily.

In case you’re searching for motivation for your forthcoming conventional wedding, we ask you to look no further.

With a dashingly amazing grin, here is Serwaa Amihere serving you with the most whimsical Kente looks of the week:

Black, Gold and Ash embroidered corset

While black may not be the best color to pick for a Ghanaian traditional wedding, it is the best choice if you’re looking to stand out and be noticed.

Red and Pink Kente

A perfect match for a perfect day. Red with an undertone of pink looks good on any skin type.

Deep blues and golds

There’s just something about blue traditional Kente colours that make them look regal and queenly.

Violet and Pink Kente

Fit for all occasions, Serwaa bodies this fitting yellow and pink kente dress with violet undertones.

Regal in Red

Serving traditional bride vibes mixed with official wear style. Perfect for all occasions.

Photos below:

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