VIDEO: Two KNUST male students fight blow for blow over a girl at Georgia Hostel

Two KNUST male students f!ght f!ercely, bl0w for bl0w over a girl at Georgia Hostel

The normal trend of same sex fights is usually of two females fighting over the opposite sex. It seems tables have turned this time as two male tertiary students fight over a lady. 

Information reaching us indicates that two guys of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have been spotted f!ghting f!ercely like wounded lions over a lady.

According to our sources, the f!ght took place in the forecourt of Georgia hostel, one of the prominent hostels on campus.

In the video we received, the two were seen exchanging bl0ws and showing off their acrobatic moves whiles their friends looked on and ‘enjoyed the moments’.

They started exchanging words on the 3rd floor of the building before they took it downstairs and unfortunately it turned physical.

Three guys tried to intervene but had to wait for a while due to the vigorous and energetic exchange of fi$ts.

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