Reggie Rockstone cuts ties with Achimota SHS [Video]

Grandpapa of Hip-life, Reggie Rockstone, says he is no longer interested in anything that has to do with his alma mater, Achimota Senior High School (SHS). 

The rapper, in one of his Instagram posts, said it breaks his heart that the school authorities denied admission to students because they were Rastafarians with dreadlocks.

According to Reggie Rockstone, he attended the same school with his wife, hence they have decided to put everything on hold if it has to do with Achimota School. 

I have read some embarrassing stuff… my whole family got locks and I am glad the argument came up. We will learn. I am putting an embargo on Motown… it means I am not down with Motown until we get some stuff right.

I am a pan-African and it’s not flying with me… I have been supportive of my school and we have thrown parties – a proud one – but now no. I am looking confused because I am seeing pics of white folks with their long hair and everything… they tell me day students I don’t know… One article that offends me has to do with them allowing Caucasians to keep it wow… Let’s fix this it’s very embarrassing, he said.

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