It’s preposterous to guarantee Rasta understudies are splendid so they ought to be enlisted at Achimota school – Adom-Otchere

Paul Adom-Otchere says it is outrageous for individuals to say Master Tyrone Iras Marhguy is splendid and keen so he ought to be permitted at Achimota school.

As per him, each one of the individuals who qualified to go to Achimota school are similarly splendid and brilliant yet that isn’t sufficient to get him selected contrary to the standards of Achimota school.

“At the point when we were in Presec when individuals mocked the school rules and the discipline was for them to be excused, did they check their terminal report before they excused them?” Paul Adom-Otchere asked logically.

“I think it is the most preposterous contention I have heard that he is splendid so he ought to be permitted in… what’s the significance here?

“That is all out nonsense,” Paul Adom-Otchere said on Good Evening Ghana on Thursday evening.

He contended that if the school rules are to be taken a gander at once more, that ought to be the story and not the brightness of a future understudy who would not like to submit to class rules.

“Which of the up-and-comers conceded to Achimota isn’t splendid? Which of the competitors conceded to Presec isn’t splendid? Which of the up-and-comers conceded to Labone Secondary School isn’t splendid?”

“Every one of the youngsters these days are splendid. The motivation behind why we are worried about the legislative issues of our general public which should be better… “

He showed that Ghana has extraordinary potential with the youthful ones “so if it’s not too much trouble, how about we stop this nonsense contention that someone is splendid so he should be permitted in”.


The specialists of Achimota School in Accra on Thursday would not select two dreadlock understudies, requesting that the guardians remove their hair or discover another school for them.

The news has since grabbed public eye.

After open shock, the Ghana Education Service (GES) which allowed the young men confirmation through its electronic determination framework, at first trained Achimota School to select the two first-year understudies who had answered to the school.

Teacher Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, Director-General of GES told the Daily Graphic: “We have asked her [headmistress] to concede the understudies.

The understudy is a Rastafarian and if there is proof to show that he is Rastafarian, that he should simply to tie the hair conveniently.”

Yet, the GES on Monday, 22 March, backtracked on that previous mandate, this time favoring the headmistress of Achimota School.

There is a colossal public contention about the school rules which have not yet been unveiled known to the.

It shows up accordingly that the headmistress and her administration are giving an alternate understanding to the school rules.

Online media is flooded with pictures of understudies of a similar Achimota School who have various hairdos however have been permitted.

In practically all cases these seem, by all accounts, to be outsiders who have white skin.

A few protectors of Achimota school have contended that those unfamiliar understudies are not normally enlisted for a long haul, yet subtleties stay to be affirmed.

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