DURING Examinations in AAMUSTED should we send our mobile phones to the exams Room?

The answer isn’t No or Yes but it’s your choice. Why and where should I leave my phone? The reasons are listed below 👇🏻
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Twelve rules to consider with your mobile phones

1.  Leave your mobile phone at home 

2.  It only takes two hours to finish your exams 
3.  You can give your mobile phone to a seller or your food vendor who you usually attend to
4.  Never rush yourself to the examination room 
5.  “Take time but go on time”
6.  In case you rush to the examination room you will forget yourself and enter with your mobile phone 

7.  Give your “mobile phone to your supervisor but not your mobile number “ in case you enter with it
8.  “Put away all fears is an examination not an exemplary nation “ 
9.  Interestingly, in case you couldn’t give your phone to the supervisor “ make sure it is off ” no sounds should come out from your phone “ hide it on yourself 
10. Never attempt to cheat with it
11. It’s your choice to cheat with mobile phones 
12. It’s the supervisor’s choice to report you to AAMUSTED

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