We lament not naming a ‘Fugu’ after Rawlings – Smock Makers Association

Mohammed Ali Abdul Somed, the General Secretary of the Smock Makers Association at Morshe market in the Northern Region in March 2019 expressed that they lament not naming one of the coveralls after the late previous President, Jerry John Rawlings.

Coverall famously known as ‘Fugu’ in the nearby lingo is regularly named after their examples, wellspring of the essential material, and as of late, considerable people in the general public.

He said they lament this activity since previous President Rawlings was one of the primary presidents to open air the customary material to the world by wearing them for true capacities.

“Right now, we are naming materials after stately individuals around us, notable individuals around… we have a wear named Lordina Mahama in light of the fact that she was wearing it, we have named it after her,” he said on the People and Places show.

“The actual material was in the framework not exactly some time before they came to control but since she wore it and acquainted it with the world, we named it after her. Samira Bawumia additionally came, began wearing a specific dress, so we named that after her.”

“At that point, our development in selling our material was not up to that level, take a gander at how he advertised the ‘Fugu’. Be that as it may, at that point we never named it after him. However, the sort of dresses he was wearing, the material is called ‘Bonga’, yet we never took the agony to name it after him,” he clarified.

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