Some very-well paid jobs in the Hospitality and Tourism industry you might not have known.

The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the sectors that employ a huge number of people, there are quite a number of considerably well paid jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry for diploma holders, below are some very well paid jobs you can easily attain with a diploma in hospitality or tourism.

Flight attendant: as a flight attendant, you are in for safety protocols, and also being hospitable to passengers is a very much important part of the job, you are to make passengers feel comfortable and safe as possible. Flight attendants in Ghana can earn 5,140 GHS(highest) and typically around 3,360 GHS per month.

Food and beverage director: Just like the executive chefs, food and beverage directors work in a variety of environments like a sporting venues airports casinos and others and also food directors manage products costs and inventory, they work closely with other departments to hire and train staff. A person working as a food and beverage director typically earns around 6,120 GHS.

Meeting or events manager: When an organization has to plan a big event, for example a conference, a convention or board meeting. The leaders will call on a meeting or events manager, to handle every last Detail, from booking a venue to planning a menu and also to controlling the budget, and a person working as a meeting or events manager can earn around 4,440 GHS per month.

Restaurant general manager: a restaurant general manager, has a supervisory role to play as well as other roles and responsibilities such as managing everything from food handling procedures and operational processes in the restaurant and also to hiring and training employees and making sure the restaurant hits its profit margin target. Restaurant general managers earn around 6,120 GHS.

Air cabin crew: As an Air cabin crew member, one is responsible for the comfort and safety of passengers on an airplane, he or she must meet and greet passengers, provide the safety briefing and serve food and drinks, they make around 3,360 GHS.

Holiday representative: Tour or holiday representatives are responsible for looking after groups of holiday makers on a package holiday, often at international destinations. They make sure that everything runs smoothly, handling any complaints and resolving problems. Some of their typical duties involve; undertaking pre-holiday research into local facilities. They can make 5,040 GHS( highest) per month.

Tour manager: They are responsible for organizing, planning, conducting long-distance expectations, travel, and tours for groups or individuals. They make sure that the travel runs smoothly from venue to venue without any issue. Tour managers earn typically around 2,950 GHS per month.

Tourist information Centre manager: As a tourist information Centre manager, one is required to provide information to visitors, as well as community, business and leisure customers, about the local area and also ensure resources are available to help them find the information they need. He or she is supposed to promote the local services available, including accommodation.

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